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US NRC 10.CFR 37 Increased Controls Security Training for Reviewing Officials, US$100.


US NRC 10 CFR 37 Increased Controls Training for Authorized Users, US$100.


US NRC 10 CFR 37 Increased Controls Training for Shippers and Receivers, US$100.

These courses are appropriate to train radiation workers in the safe use of radioactive materials, instruments containing radioactive sources, or radiation machines (x-ray devices).

Each course includes quizzes to test students understanding. Upon a successful score of 60% the student will receive a certificate of training. The course may be retaken if desired.

All courses are in English (North America).

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Classroom Trainings

Radiation Safety Officer Training Courses

We offer 40 hour radiation safety officer training courses. Come join us in a fun and friendly learning environment! The courses prepare participants to become radiation safety officers. We review a wide range of fundamental concepts related to radiation safety and its practical applications. We cover the broad scope of radiation and its hazards and how it relates to different industries. At the end of the course, attendees will have a complete understanding of the requirements of a radiation safety officer. An optional examination will be provided.

Our instructors include radiation safety consultants and certified health physicists who have had extensive experience in the field.

Some topics that we cover during a typical 40 hour training course include:

  • Your Job as a Radiation Safety Officer
  • Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Emergency Planning
  • Radiation Dose, Occupational Limits
  • Internal Dosimetry
  • Products Containing Radioactive Sources
  • Shielding Requirements
  • Radiation Survey Instruments
  • NRC Regulations
  • Radiation Emitting Devices
  • Sealed Source and Device Registrations
  • Licensing
  • Decommissioning
  • Radioactive Waste

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And much more. If you let us know the particular topic you are most interested ahead of time, we can make sure we cover that in our lessons.

Radiation Safety Topics

Radiation Safety Topics is designed for current Radiation Safety Officers or anyone else who would like to review concepts and topics in radiation protection.


Industrial Gauge User/Industrial x-ray RSO

This is a one day course providing students with an overview of the radiation safety and regulatory requirements for operating industrial x-ray equipment. A discussion of various types of analytical and industrial x-ray units will be given, along with tips on surveying, dosimetry recordkeeping, audits, and inspections.

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Customized Training

We offer both customized radiation safety worker training as well as general radiation safety training courses.

We will come to your facility and perform on-site radiation safety training courses to your employees on an as-needed basis. We will customize our training program so that it specifically caters to your specific industry, company and products.